Farewell (2009)

Farewell - Christian Carion

Farewell – Christian Carion

L’affaire Farewell (original title)

Summary:  Soviet Colonel Sergei Gregoriev becomes disillusioned in communism and the regime, at the height of the Cold War.  He decides, in order to force reform in creating a better Russia for his son, he must reveal the party’s secrets to leave Russia with no secret intelligence.  He tracks down a French engineer, who relocated to Moscow with his family, to pass on the leaked documents and the colossal pressure of fulfilling a moral duty that could change the course of history.

My Review:  Apparently based on the true story, although I’m not sure how true entirely, especially when considering Sergei Gregoriev (in the film) accepts no monetary reward, but asks only for small gifts from France; namely Queen cassettes, a Sony walkman, and French poetry.  However, putting aside the pair’s comically unacquainted but growing friendship, when the plot really begins to thicken and stir, the grip also tightens creating a tense, powerful watch.  

My Rating: 3/5

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