Run Lola Run (1998)


Run Lola Run – Tom Tykwer

Lola rennt (original title)

Summary: Lola receives a frantic call from her boyfriend Manny who has just left a bag filled with 100,000 Deutschmark on the subway.  The amount of money strikes further panic into both the couple’s heart’s as it doesn’t belong to either Manny or Lola; instead, it is owed to a mobster boss Manny is working for, and whom is expecting it to be delivered at noon, in the next 20 minutes.  If it’s not delivered then, Manny says he will have no other choice but to rob a supermarket to replace the cash.  Desperate, Lola has a number of choices of how to get the money back.

My review:  The film pounds through three different do-or-die scenarios of where and how Lola tries to get the money back.  A perfectly original idea which delivers in edge-of-your sit perfection, and although you have no sympathy for her complete and utter idiot boyfriend Manny, you’re cheering her on in every sequence.  It’s a World Cinema flick without any deep, potentially pretentious significance.  The stampede of music seriously works in forcing you to feel Lola’s frenzy.  Hollywood material without the bulshit.

My Rating: 4/5


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