Cronos (1993)

Cronos - Guillermo del Toro

Cronos – Guillermo del Toro

Summary:  An old, happily settled antiques dealer discovers a curious device mysteriously hidden inside the hollow base of a 450 year old statue.  Fascinated but unaware of its purpose, he begins to unwind the device until a golden, scarab-like mechanism is released and furiously stabs him with an unknown solution.  His partner and granddaughter are left disturbed by the event and are again shocked, but somewhat relieved, to see the old man radiating with health, the next morning.  Whilst he enjoys this new release of life, another character realises the statue he has been hunting down for years is missing one vital piece.

My Review:  If you’re intrigued to see what Guillermo del Toro brought to the table before he pulled in the mainstream audiences, then this is where you should start.  There’s a few unpredictable dark turns in terms of the plot, with a slow and creepy pace composed brilliantly for a budget production.  The characterisation some of the actors portray pushes it that step above, but really it is all down to del Tero for his imaginative spin on a classic tale.  His roots begin here.  

My Rating: 2.5/5


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