Tell No One (2006)


Tell No One (2006) – Guillaume Canet

Ne le dis à personne (original title)

Summary:  Alexandre Beck was accused of the brutal murder of his wife Margot Beck, but has always, vehemently denied responsibility.  Eight years later with the case closed, Alexandre still suffers deep psychological torment over his wife, who he misses greatly. So he tries to immerse himself completely in his work as a pediatrician for distraction.  However, Alexandre is dragged back into the the case, and back as the main suspect, when it forcibly reopens after two new bodies are found in the same location where Margot’s body was also discovered, all those years ago.  At the same time, Alexandre receives an email mysteriously showing footage of Margot, older and still alive.

My Review:  The story-line was a solid hook I couldn’t ignore.  Looking forward to it, it was a real downer where I was actually left really disappointed.  As the film went on the more boring and slow paced it became.  My frustration only continued to grow when I had to endure the annoyance of experiencing several times thinking the film was about to end, and then it doesn’t…  The story line had great potential to be a really gripping thriller, yet the direction and execution died a slow and painful death on the cold cutting room floor.  With too many loose ends, it was completely unsatisfying.

Rating: 1/5


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