Kooky (2010)


Kooky (2010) – Jan Sverák

Kuky se vrací (original title)

Summary:  A young boy named Ondra has asthma.  His mum, believing dust only aggravates Ondra’s illness, throws away his favourite teddy; a stuffy pink bear named Kooky.  Understandably upset, when Ondra goes to bed that night he dreams of Kooky being dumped at the tip and journeying his way back home to Ondra.  In Kooky’s adventure he falls upon a small community of strange creatures who live in the woods which is where he meets the ‘forest guardian’ Captain von Hergot, who vows to protect Kooky and help him on his way home.  However, not all creatures are as kind and humble and soon Kooky faces sinister and unpredictable obstacles in the way of getting back to Ondra.

My Review:  I loved this film!  I’m so enthusiastic about this and ever since seeing stock animation films like Jason & the Argonauts when I was younger; it’s always held a nostalgic and magical charm for me.  It wasn’t until a few years ago where I discovered what seems to be a sort of niche Czech stock animation genre – who knew?!  For me, it beats illustration and CGI every time and this film, which seems to be the most recently made stock animation Czech film,  isn’t injected with Disney-esque cheese or drama, although my summary may have given that impression, but includes some really vivid little characters that dear old Walt never would have included.  Honestly a great and fun film to watch for anyone, I loved it.

My Rating: 5/5


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