Battle Royale (2000)

Battle Royale Class Photo released 2000

Batoru rowaiaru (original title) Summary:  With unemployment continually running high and a torn apart economy, the Japanese government pass the revolutionary Battle Royale Act; legalising one randomly selected class of schoolchildren to be sent to an island, equipping each student with only … Continue reading

Farewell (2009)

L’affaire Farewell (original title) Summary:  Soviet Colonel Sergei Gregoriev becomes disillusioned in communism and the regime, at the height of the Cold War.  He decides, in order to force reform in creating a better Russia for his son, he must reveal the party’s … Continue reading

Let the Right One In (2008)

Låt den rätte komma in (original title) Summary: In a quiet suburb in Stockholm a young boy Oskar is regularly bullied by his own friends at school.  A lonely soul, his parents have separated with his father, whom he rarely sees, lodging out in the … Continue reading

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

El laberinto del fauno (original title) Summary:  The young, imaginative Ofelia is forced to live within the Spanish woods amongst Falangist Captain Vidal and his troops, who are hunting out Republican rebels fighting against their regime.  Her pregnant mother is … Continue reading

Ichi the Killer (2001)

Koroshiya 1 (original title) Summary:  300 million Yen goes missing when a Yakuza boss disappears.  His former aide, Kakihara, rounds up other gang members to seek out what has happened to both the man and the money, believing he is still alive.  Intensely … Continue reading

The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

El espinazo del diablo (original title) Summary:  In the thick of the Spanish Civil War, the son of a fallen Republican hero, Carlos, is left at a small orphanage in a remote location far from any town, village or civilisation.  He quickly meets the only three … Continue reading

Cronos (1993)

Summary:  An old, happily settled antiques dealer discovers a curious device mysteriously hidden inside the hollow base of a 450 year old statue.  Fascinated but unaware of its purpose, he begins to unwind the device until a golden, scarab-like mechanism is … Continue reading

Should I include Studio Ghibli?

Please excuse my absence of late! I will be back on form soon, especially as I don’t want to break my new years resolution of posting regular post on all of my blogs (and I should be getting my lovefilm … Continue reading